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ride and bike

Passions are like words.
They are born from nowhere
and create relationships.

Barberine Duvivier, equestrian guide and Miguel Tomaz mountain biking guide united our two passions into an unusual and unique sporting aspect, the Ride & Bike. The Ride & Bike is two sports practiced with respect and in unison with a spirit of cooperation. Pleasant sensations and filled with emotions.

Competent guides passionate and ful of enthusiasm

United by our two passions that leads us to live the nature in the respect of our respective sports, by our love for Portugal and Alentejo, we are convinced that it is important to offer you the opportunity to participate in this unique experience that brings together the best of both worlds, outdoor horseback riding and mountain biking.

The Alentejo
is ranked among the 30 most beautiful regions in the world

If Portugal is more and more becoming a tourist destination, it is not without reasons. The inhabitants are warm and smiling, from North to South is of great beauty, you will not meet a Portuguese who has not visited the Alentejo. Because even for the Portuguese the Alentejo is an unavoidable destination.

Serra d’Ossa is a must do
for any mountain bike rider who respects himself

Superb and grandiose the Serra d’Ossa is very famous for its mountain bike routes, Miguel Tomaz, your mountain bike guide continues to discover the beauty and the paths of the Serra with his cycling friends.

Horses we love them
and we can not do without them

Not only do we like them, but they also have a soothing effect. They are famous for the well-being they can bring us, because with them we are in a real relationship, because horses never lie, they live the present moment and help us to do the same.

An exceptional guest House

Sharish – Monte das Etevas is for many reasons an exceptional guest house, completely renovated with the greatest care in the traditions of the country, with the point of honor to offer you a comfort and unequaled hospitality. careful and generous, Miguel Cornemillot and Alexandra Guerreiro are taking care of you during your stay to make your holidays unforgettable.


La cité blanche de l’Alentejo

Set on a hill, overlooked by its beautiful, grand and all dressed marble castle, Estremoz, the white city of Alentejo in Portugal is the perfect place for your equestrian and / or mountain bike stay. Lovers of sport, history, art, culture, nature, sun and good wines… Estremoz will delight you with pleasures throughout your stay.

Belong of the beautiful white city, the bucolic village of Glória, on the edge of the Serra d’Ossa is the perfect place to put your suitcases, the charm and the comfort of the guest house Sharish – Monte das Estevas & the gentle horses of Ranch do Novo Mundo are accomplices to offer you a perfect stay.

More than Ride & Bike

We want to offer you more than a Ride & Bike experience, we want to make you love Portugal as we love it, its culture, its history, its heritage, its wines, its friendliness, its architecture, but also his horses and equestrian practices less known such as the equestrian archery, one side saddle riding, western horseman ship riding, equestrian acrobatics.

Sport, fun and adventure

We don’t need to prove that the sport is good for the health, accompanied by your adventure spirit, your team spirit and full of cheerfulness, it is much more than 100% oxygen.