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Bike The Serra d’Ossa with MTB

Discover the fabulous Serra d’Ossa.
The Serra will offer its beauty to those who have the courage to take up the sporting and technical challenge of mountain biking.

The Serra d’Ossa is famous for cycling mountain bikers. These mountains regularly serves for official MTB races for MTB qualifications. At this point you have guessed that the Serra d’Ossa is quite technical and that it will be offered to you only if you meet the challenge. Miguel will be happy to share his passion and knowledge of the mountain with you.

Landscapes of Serra D’Ossa Biking is a way to get access to places that are usually difficult to access and where you can see unique landscapes, animal life and have a direct and healthy contact with nature. Using the bike in the form of a mountain bike, for those who like adrenaline, you can take advantage of different rails in the Serra d’Ossa.

You will have access to the highest points of the mountain where you can see the villages around you. There are also, for the slightest, vertiginous ascents and descents that test the physical capacities of each one, yet the final result is superior to the physical wear and tear.

On the huge track list you can choose the ones that go deep inside the forest or circle at the foot of the mountain. During the course, we can admire beautiful cork oaks, holm oaks, olive trees, palm trees, eucalyptus, pines, orange, lemon, cacti and bamboo. Miguel will guide you along the red ocher paths, between olive groves and vineyards. Through the mountains and valleys. And looking at the sky, you can see eagles and hawks.

This experience is for mountain bikers who regularly ride with mountain bike and are in good physical condition. Miguel can offers other alternatives for other bikers.

A challenge for your holidays and a Must Do for crazy MTV riders.

Mountain bike tour in the Serra d'Ossa

The White City of Alentejo on MTB

Enjoy the Architectural Heritage of Estremoz City,
in a cultural experience where we can visit the various fountains and monuments built in marble, the so-called white gold.

For beginners, after learning the basics of the MTB and give some standard safety rules and help. lets start The bike ride. Be open mind because this experience will change your soul.

At the castle, souvenir of a glorious kingdom past, you will learn why the portuguese call this tower  » The tower of the 3 hearts ». During the trip we are going to pass through the 4 monumental entrances of Estremoz. Our trip is going to pass through different kind of fountains existing in Portugal and bring to light the links in between water and life. Continuing our travel from fountain to fountain, we will finish our ride at Fonte do Satiro and learn more about the secrets of the city.
The pleasure of riding a bicycle in Estremoz and around can also combine:
– The tasting of the good wines that await in the Caves around Estremoz.
– Having a gastronomic experience in the region.
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