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Ride & Bike in the Serra d’Ossa

When cyclists and riders share together the discovery of Serra d’Ossa.
A unique moment of sharing and an adventure combining two sports practices.

The meeting of 2 passions in full nature.
Use to practice their respective sport to travel and discover Serra d’Ossa. Barberine equestrian guide & Miguel mountain bike guide invite you to share the discovery of the Serra. Renowned to delight off-road cyclists and outdoor riders, the Serra d’Ossa is reserved for riders and cyclists practicing regular training. For both Barberine and Miguel it is obvious that the Serra d’Ossa is not practiced alone but in solidarity. And they want to make you benefit from their experience of the field and the meeting of the two sports disciplines. The horses know the ground and the bikes are suitable for the field as well. A unique opportunity to share an experience bringing together so much expertise.

 Ride & Bike with Barberine & Miguel along the red ocher paths, between olive groves and vineyards. Through the mountains and valleys. And looking at the sky, we can see eagles and hawks. During the Ride & Bike, we can admire beautiful cork oaks, holm oaks, olive trees, palm trees, eucalyptus, pines, orange, lemon, cacti and bamboo.

To start this experience in good condition, please contact Barberine to give her more information about you, for example, number of riders & bikers.

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